APPEND Links Up with JellyChip

APPEND continues to seek innovative avenues and platforms that can help sustain and deepen our impact and that of our members’ programs on the lives of the poor and their communities.  The emergence of JellyChip presents an opportunity for APPEND to tap into the social media as an avenue to advance our causes.  Branding itself as a “chat app with a purpose”,  JellyChip is the first application of its kind to merge social networking and charity to create a global community of givers.
 A Chat App with a Purpose

The chat app allows the user to send instant messages, share snaps of his/her daily lives, and answer surveys and trivias for fun.  Each of these features in the app allows the person to earn points for free, which in turn can be used to buy gifts for donation.  Gifts require a number of points before being given by JellyChip to their charities which the user and his/her fellow users have to earn and donate together for.   JellyChip has given users the power to vote for their particular gifts as well.

Being one of the biggest users of social media in South East Asia, and also one of the biggest countries with charity volunteers, the Philippines was counted as a viable market by the global brand, JellyChip.  This led them to tap Muovere Veloce Consultancy Inc. (MVCI) as their representative in the country.   Together, the MVCI and JellyChip team aims to help Filipinos one charity gift at a time.

In early August 2017, MVCI met with APPEND to introduce JellyChip and express their interest to support APPEND, Inc.   Seeing the potential in this chat application and giving model, APPEND has agreed to partner with MVCI—making APPEND as one of JellyChip’s few partner foundations in the Philippines.

APPEND has included the following  programs or causes (translated into smaller gifts) to be in JellyChip:
  • Environment care and protection (Plant a fruit Tree)
  • Health and nutrition (Vitamins – 1 day)
  • Scholarship & educational assistance (College class)
  • School supplies distribution (notebooks)
  • Medical mission
  • Family micro-enterprise

The first four gifts are already live in the app.  Medical mission and family microenterprise are in the process of being activated.

APPEND’s current and future gifts are and will be on rotation in JellyChip.  The gifts will pop up several times a day and users may donate their points to the gift of their choice.  Once a gift has collected the total amount of points required, the gift cash equivalent will then be given to APPEND on a monthly basis.

Click here to find out how to download JellyChip and give to APPEND’s causes

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