APPEND believes in empowering the poor not only through human hands but also by the power of God. It provides a hand-up not a dole-out way of assisting the poor, and it seeks to inculcate the values of responsibility towards other people and the environment.

The APPEND Network Board, its partners, and management staff believe that the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of expansion and not of limitation. Thus, APPEND plans to grow its client base to more than 5 million poor. This expansion plan is neither for fame nor fortune but for the less privileged Filipino households to experience the fullness of life that God intends for all.

APPEND Inc. was established as a network of microfinance NGOs to mobilize resources and facilitate the growth and viability of its member NGOs using microenterprise development as a strategy. More recently, APPEND has taken and focused more on its mandate in the area of legislation, government policies and advocacy work. This relates specifically to strengthening the social and financial opportunities available to the micro-, small, and medium-enterprises, as well as to the other poor, marginalized and disadvantaged sectors of the Filipino society.


In 1989, Tulay sa Pag-unlad, Inc. (TSPI), a Christian microenterprise development NGO established in 1981, gave notice to its provincial partners that their financial support was coming to an end as the funds have dwindled and become insufficient. Wanting to continue the work that they have started only three or so years earlier, the leaders of these newly formed institutions met to discern their next steps.

The Executive Directors and Board members of these partners, namely, Taytay sa Kauswagan Incorporated (TSKI); Hagdan sa Pag-uswag Foundation, Inc. (HSPFI); Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc. (ASKI); Talete King Panyulung Kapampangan Inc. (TPKI); Kabalikat para sa Maunlad na Buhay, Inc. (KMBI); Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay Incorporated (RSPI); and Center for Community Transformation (CCT) discussed the implications of withdrawal of TSPI’s financial support to their organizations. With limited resources and being newly set-up and fledgling organizations, the leaders of these organizations decided to come together and establish a mother organization. They believed that they could potentially raise the resources needed if they packaged themselves as one big microfinance NGO group. Their planned alliance also presented an opportunity to strengthen their relationships and increase their technical capacity in microfinance, community development through training and leadership development activities.

On February 13, 1991, the Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development (APPEND), Incorporated was born and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as non-profit, non-stock and non-government organization with a registry number of 186944 . APPEND became the pioneer group of microfinance NGOs in the Philippines.