Vision, Mission, Core Values

APPEND’s Mission

To help reduce poverty and to promote national transformation by contributing to the growth and development of God-fearing, socially-responsible micro and small entrepreneurs.

APPEND’s Vision

A transformed and progressive society where people live in accordance with God’s plan, with dignity, sufficiency and responsibility towards others and the rest of the creation.

Our Transformation Agenda is to see Filipino families in poor communities rise above poverty and experience God’s plan for an abundant life. This will take place as they come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, apply His principles in the way they work, manage relationships and resources, help one another grow in their knowledge and personal walk with the Lord, and teach others to do the same.


  1. Commitment to the Poor: Members are committed to loving and serving the poor and marginalized in the developing world, striving to enable lasting improvement in their lives, families, and communities. The needs, expectations, and wellbeing of the poor and our fellowmen inspire everything we do.
  2. Humility: Members are committed to modelling Christ and His humility being of service to one another, and not on any supposed personal superiority or advantage (whether based on our position, influence, personality, wealth or otherwise).
  3. Respect: Members operate on the basis of respect for all people; in particular, Members aim to value fully each client and to affirm personal dignity and uniqueness. This respect is also the foundation for our Members’ relationships with clients’ communities and with others involved in our work – supporters, suppliers and colleagues.
  4. Integrity: Members honour the trust placed in us by our clients, supporters, fellow members, and staff, endeavouring to manage all our resources transparently and in a manner that reflects our Motivation. We aim to do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.
  5. Stewardship: Members are committed to being good stewards of social, political, economic and spiritual resources, exercising a thoughtful and cost effective use of time, skills and finances. We promote excellence, professionalism and best practice in every aspect of our work, seeking to maximise every opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission.
  6. Transformation:    Transformation is solely the work of the Father,  Son, and the Holy Spirit.  For someone to be an effective instrument and facilitator of change, that person himself should experience spiritual renewal and  transformation.  Thus, APPEND upholds the value of developing a lifestyle of faith in and obedience to Christ.