The official corporate name of Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development, Incorporated was amended to APPEND Inc. on February 2, 2011.  It remains a non-stock, non-profit, charitable, educational, social welfare development and civic service corporation under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

APPEND, Inc. is mandated to do the following:

(a) To facilitate the growth and viability of the corporation and its member organizations, as well as the continuing development and promotion of social welfare of its individual members (as amended on July 25, 2013) through the platforms of micro and social enterprise development, microfinance (micro-loans and capital build up/savings), micro-health, agriculture value chains and social solidarity economy (as amended on May 9, 2014) pursuant to RA 8425 – Poverty Alleviation Act.
(b) To facilitate the mutual accessing of resources, information and technology between and among the members of the network.
(c) To act as a clearing house for the members on the following services:

  • resource generation
  • assist in manpower recruitment
  • install data and retrieve
(d) To strengthen existing linkages and establish new ones with resource government and non-government institutions which can be local or international in character.
(e) To coordinate periodic conferences, fellowships and the like; and to foster closer relationship among members (as amended on July 25, 2013).
(f) To receive and accept grants, donations, gifts, endowments, bequests and legacies of any sort to sustain the operational activities of the corporation.
(g) To invest portion of the funds of the corporation in shares of stocks, bonds, time deposits and/or such other projects as the Board of Trustees may determine to be advisable or proper to make more resources available to carry out the purposes of the corporation.
(h) To acquire, purchase, operate, hold, own, exchange, sell, mortgage, pledge, develop, lease, transfer or otherwise invest, trade or deal in real and personal properties of every character or any interest therein, in any manner permitted by the laws of the Philippines.
(i) To enter into contracts, agreements, incur loans, obligations with any persons, whether natural or juridical or any matter that may be lawful in the furtherance or realization of the corporate objectives.
(j) To open bank accounts with any bank, secure or incur debt or financing facilities with any bank, credit institution or with any person whether natural or juridical.
(k) To organize a principal office, branch or extension office, building, store, bodegas or improvements anywhere in the Philippines that may be necessary in carrying out the purpose or objectives for which this corporation is organized.
(l) To engage in research and special studies, develop and publish training materials and books for members in leadership development, capacity building and family strengthening (as amended on May 9, 2014), undertake monitoring and audit for and in behalf of its member organizations.
(m) To take such steps, personal or written appeals, public meetings or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedient in the proposing enactment or change in legislation, government policies and other similar advocacy work for the improvement of basic services and availability of social and financial opportunities to the small, cottage scale and micro-entrepreneurial sectors as well as other poor and disadvantaged sectors of the Filipino society.