The following are programs and projects that APPEND either implemented or is currently implementing in the Philippines:

Name of Project Partner Agency APPEND Implementing Partners and Project Location Year Description

Livelihood Intervention through Financing and Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Project.


TSKI, CEVI, KMBI, KRCI and OK Bank, Visayas Region

2014 – 2017

The Project is in partnership with the Etimos Foundation, Italy with funding from Otto Per Mille and Della Chiesa Cattolica Italiana of Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI), Rome Italy. The general objective is to restore the livelihoods and promote family-based business of the people who lost their source of income because of Typhoon Haiyan. The specific objectives are as follows: Improve business skills of the affected people (especially women) and finance the start up of their microenterprises Capacity building of the local microfinance NGOs, through direct support to the affected NGOs and also through specific training (post emergency microfinance, disaster risk reduction management, social impact assessment tools).

Cents for LIFE Project

Rivendell Stewards Trust, Hugh E. and Marjorie S. Petersen Foundation, Master’s Plan through Opportunity International (OI) USA.

All Partners and Nationwide

2012 – ongoing

To develop a microenterprise sector with work ethics rooted in biblical values of honesty, discipline, integrity, stewardship and commitment to the poor and their environment. And invest in the development of leaders whose lives are characterized by faith, hope, love and godliness. The outcome is a book and training program that inculcates the values of love for the poor, love for God and love for the environment.

Strengthening Social Solidarity Economy and Social Entrepreneurship


APPEND with the grassroots people in the communities; and APPEND partner NGOs

All partners and Nationwide

2012 – ongoing

This entails the establishment of Local Organization Membership (LOMs) in all villages in the Philippines to promote and practice Social Solidarity Economy and Social Entrepreneurship.

Global Leadership Summit

Willow Creek Community Church and Willow Creek Association


Annually starting in 2007

This is a leadership training that gathers church place and marketplace leaders from around the region. The aim is to develop leaders that have the hearts for the poor, destitute and marginalized.

KILOS (Knowledge for Inspiring Leadership, Opportunities and Spirituality) Project


Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation, and OI-US


All APPEND implementing partners and Nationwide

2006 – ongoing

APPEND manages and implements a direct college/university scholarship program for children of the poor micro-entrepreneurs. The poor and deserving students from remote provinces are given scholarships to study in the best universities in Metro Manila. They get academic, leadership and personality development training while in school. The students are being trained on Social Solidarity Economy. APPEND also inculcates to the youth the values on protecting the environment.


Assistance and rehabilitation of victims and survivors of calamities

Global Leadership Summit, Willow Creek (WC) Community Church, WC Association, Opportunity International US, ASEC and  individual leaders in Singapore, Hongkong, Philippines and around the world.



2002 – 2015

APPEND manages the economic assistance and rehabilitation of victims and survivors of calamities in the entire Philippines through provision of relief, capacity building and financial assistance through its partners.


Financial Literacy and Education Program

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and Opportunity International Australia

All APPEND partners and Nationwide

2011 – present

Training on savings, budgeting, investments, understanding the credit jargons and terms and others. Trained more than 50k staff, leaders and clients on financial literacy and education.

Community Based Entrepreneurship Development Program (A Capacity Building Program for all development and enterprise building) oriented NGOs

Tear Fund-VASS New Zealand government

All APPEND partners and Nationwide


1. The goal is to improve the capacity of these NGOs to carry-out relevant community and microfinance program. 
2. APPEND provided training and on-site capacity building to more than 35,000 staff and community leaders of partners NGOs. The people were taught with establishing the local resource management system, do participatory action research, village development planning and project development & mgt.
3. The enterprises created by the communities were based on natural and human resources inherent in the communities.
4. Taught the grassroots people to mobilize resources from their local government units and other local government agencies.


Expansion Y Mejoramiento de los programans de microcredito de APPEND, Filipinas, Fase 1-III.

Agencia Espanola de Cooperacion Internationale or Spanish Agency for International Development and CODESPA


All APPEND partners and nationwide

2002 – 2006

1. A project to expand and scale-up the microfinance program and the capacity building project of APPEND
2. Built the technical and leadership capacity of 6,540 head office and branch office staff
3. Increased the number of total micro-entrepreneurs being assisted by APPEND network from 251,000 to one million people
4. Provided wholesale lending to member NGOs
5. Developed digital education training modules

Microfinance Institution Expansion Scheme: European Union (CASCADE) Caraballo and Southern Cordillera Agricultural Development Program

European Union and the Department of Agriculture

Cooperative Bank of Benguet, and other NGOs operating in tribal communities in Northern Philippines


1. Supported the tribal groups in Northern Philippines through access to financial services delivered by Cooperative Bank of Benguet and other microfinance NGOs operating in the area.
2. APPEND managed the Fund and lent to beneficiaries of Department of Agriculture.
3. APPEND provided training to staff and clients of the coops and NGOs involved in the Project

APPEND Leadership Program

Australian Agency for International Development with OI – Australia

All APPEND partners and Nationwide

2000 – 2011

Build the technical capacity of the development and microfinance workers in managing microfinance operations for poor communities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

APPEND Scale-up Program

Opportunity International –USA,

All APPEND implementing partners and Nationwide


The program aimed at creating and strengthening the micro-enterprises of more than 250,000 poor households by 2003;
Provided a total loan fund of PhP414M to more than 251,000 micro-entrepreneurs.
Developed a standardized group lending methodology
Built the operational capacity of 9 NGOs and raised the outreach from 35K to 251k thriving micro-entrepreneurs
Organized, facilitated  and set-up the first microfinance oriented thrift bank in the Philippines, the Opportunity Microfinance Bank which later became the Opportunity Kauswagan Bank

Philippine-Australia Savings and Loan Association Project (PASLAP).


OI-Australia and AusAID

ASKI in Nueva Ecija and Bulacan

1995 – 1998

1. Provided training & livelihood loans to 1,973 micro entrepreneurs  of  which 93% were women;
2. Established a savings &loan association for women; the women’s working capital & income increased by 314% and 212%, respectively.
3. Micro-entrepreneurs improved their housing

Philippine-Australia Kabuhayan Microenterprise Development Project (PAKMED-AusAID).

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), Maranatha Trust and Opportunity International 

KMBI and TSPI in Metro Manila, Bulacan and relocation areas in Cavite


1. The project was adjudged as top 5 well-managed projects by an NGO.
2. Provided more than Ph60M in loans to 5,465 urban poor women and their 5,653 micro-enterprises
3. Provided business and leadership training; working capital of women increased five times with an average of four loan cycles
4. Incomes of women micro-entrepreneurs increased by 189%

Microfinance Prison Project

Prison Fellowship International USA

Caloocan City and Nueva Ecija

1996 – 1999

The purpose of the project is to provide an income opportunity to families of the prisoners and the ex-convicts who normally don’t get employment once they are paroled or sent out of jail.

Modest Credit Facilities for Women in the Philippines

European Union

HSPFI Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and TSKI in Iloilo City

1996 – 1999

The project assisted 15,150 women micro-entrepreneurs; provided a total loan funds of Euro 2,313,646 or roughly PhP76M to women. The income of micro-entrepreneurs increased by 30%.