These sectors benefit from APPEND’s 12 mainstay programs:

1. The micro- and small enterprise development program helps create sustainable jobs in the communities by assisting the micro- and small entrepreneurs with the needed financing and business development services. The target entrepreneurs receive small loans from PhP2,500 (US$46) to more than PhP300,000.

2. Business Development Services strengthen and sustain the business position of the existing micro- and small enterprises and those that were developed from the community-based entrepreneurship stage. Business Development Services include business creation programs, technical education, technological services, business advisory, and commercialization and marketing.

3. Scholarships on Transformative Education through KILOS (Knowledge for Inspiring Leadership, Opportunities and Spirituality) 1 and 2 is a scholarship program implemented in partnership with the Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation, Opportunity International-US and local donors. It supports the transformative education of young leaders who are the children of poor clients of APPEND microfinance NGOs.

4. Community Development provides technical support and critical funds to rehabilitate or set up community infrastructure and facilities needed by the community such as local sources of potable water, toilets, bridges, health and school facilities; while the Community-Based Entrepreneurship Development Program (CBEDP), serves as a transformational program on people’s empowerment and participation for inclusive development, thus restoring the God-given standards of human dignity, sufficiency and responsibility; and, finally, Community Services are the medical and dental missions, blood-letting services, disaster and relief operations, school supplies distribution to children and leadership training of the young people.

5. Green and Environment-Friendly Enterprise Program advocates and introduces environment-friendly technologies in response to climate change. This includes promoting, distributing, and using solar-powered gadgets and lights, household biogas systems, and improved cooking stoves through “green social enterprise.” A nationwide call for tree planting and other environment stewardship activities are also part of the program.

6. Community Investment Finance increases the capacity of its grassroots organizations to support the financial requirements of the poor yet enterprising population. It started in 1996 and is inspired by Proverbs 19:17: “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done.”

7. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Program directly helps both the OFW and their families set up, operate and grow enterprises in the Philippines. Values-formation training activities are conducted to teach how to use remittances productively and create jobs by strengthening the OFWs local enterprises. The goal of the OFW program is to fast-track the reunification of the overseas Filipino worker with his or her family.

8. Transformational Leadership is at the core of APPEND Programs. It is carried out through the ”LEAD 300 Movement” and seeks to help the poor truly obtain freedom from poverty, and overcome the sense of hopelessness and helplessness in their lives.

APPEND conducts the following activities regularly:

a. APPEND Leadership Camp
b. GLOBAL Leadership Summit
c. KILOS Youth Congress
d. Theology of Work
e. LIFE Training Series
f. Branch Micro-Enterprise
g. Economic Development Training Series

9. Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) is an alternative model for social, political and economic development. It is the exact opposite of a neo-liberal economy or market-oriented economy, where maximizing profit is the prevailing motive of production and exchange. SSE focuses on developing social and agricultural enterprises using the value chain approach that has three bottom lines: reasonable profit, development of the people and stewardship of the environment. Love for God and life, commitment to the poor, integrity, responsibility, stewardship and discipline are the over-arching transformative values and virtues of SSE. Its main objectives are: to strengthen the Social Solidarity Economy through the establishment of APPEND Local Organized Members (LOM) in all villages in the Philippines to promote and practice SSE; establish and strengthen SSE enterprises that are corporately owned and operated by the members; issue APPEND electronic IDs to all members to facilitate insurance claims, loans, savings and discounts from SSE member run-companies.

10. Research and Development. APPEND conducts research on topics like “Joy at work”, staff surveys, and client satisfaction and development surveys. It also utilizes mobile phone-based surveys, a method of data-collection using functions of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs, making use of strengths from mobile communication and applying these strengths to research purposes.

12. Project Management and Resource Mobilization. APPEND supports its members by drafting project proposals and negotiating loan and training funds with local and international donor organizations. This is to enhance the financial conditions of the partner microfinance NGOs organizations and the microentrepreneurs.