Welcome to YESE MC!

The APPEND staff and KILOS scholars organized the Young Entrepreneurs in Solidarity Economy Marketing Cooperatives (YESE MC) to instill thrift and savings culture in the Filipino youth and to market the products of microfinance clients and social entrepreneurs.

We, the YESE members, operate using the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity.

Our vision is to see our young people committed to work for spiritual, socio-political, environmental and economic prosperity of the YESE members and the Philippines.

Our mission is to undertake solidarity economic activities to improve the quality of life of our members so they are able to bless others and their communities.

We are a social enterprise. Every time we market and consume YESE products, part of the profit goes to the scholarship fund for our young citizens.

Come and Join the Young and Vibrant Social Entrepreneurs of

YESE Brochure

(YESE MC CDA Registration No. 9520-101000000025597, January 8, 2015)