How can you help?

Adopt a family

The need to assist more than 5M families with a holistic approach would require a sustainable fund called LIFE Fund in order to address the comprehensive needs of the enterprising families. The ‘ADOPT A FAMILY®” advocacy is designed to provide long-term solutions to poverty in communities nationwide by mobilizing gifts from people who are interested to building communities in the Philippines. The LIFE Fund is being used to create jobs, stimulate small businesses, equip and educate children, build and strengthen enterprising families and communities.

Adopt a Family® provides opportunities for everyone who wants to make an impact and lasting contribution to one impoverished family through their gifts of:

  • PhP500 (or $10 USD) monthly/Family
  • PhP1,500 (or $30 USD) quarterly/Family
  • PhP6,000 (or $120 USD) annually/Family

Gifts could be made through credit cards, bank deposits, checks and cash.

Your gifts will be combined with other APPEND resources so that the families and their children could be provided with the following:

  • Enterprise development and growth support (entrepreneurship training and competency development, business skills training and advisory, microfinance if required, product quality enhancement and compliance to rules and regulations, market promotion and business counselling, Life and disability insurance to protect them from the effect of sudden death and illnesses)
  • Pre-school and college education to indigent children
  • Family values, character transformation and leadership development
  • Health and nutrition
  • High-impact and eco-friendly community-driven projects for the rural poor and indigenous peoples