2017 (as of 2nd quarter):

Holds the Business Essentials and Skills Training in Marketing and Sales Program in January and April.

Launches new and improved website.

Holds the 26th APPEND Summer Camp at Bacolod City from May 15-17. Hosted by APPEND partner KRCI and attended by 500 delegates.

Installs new members and officers of the Board of Trustees for 2017 – 2018.

Launches the national search for Pamilyang OK.


Holds the 25th APPEND Summer Camp in Camp John Hay Baguio City with ASKI as the host organization

APPEND party-list loses in May 09, 2016 national election garnering only a total of 209,000 plus votes.

Continuous roll-out of LIFE Training on Financial Education and Literacy training and APPEND ALERT to microfinance clients of APPEND partners in the Visayas Region

Conducts the Social Impact Assessment of LIFE Project Training in Iloilo City in partnership with Central Philippine University, Iloilo

Holds “LIFE Series Training: Pamilyang OK, Pwersa ng Bansa with TSKI area, and branch managers in Iloilo on September 20, 2016 and Batangas, November 8, 2016

Implements the APPEND-KILOS Training: First Retreat of the APPEND Youth, November 12, 2016, University Hotel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Holds the APPEND Inc Strategic Planning December 1-2, 2016 in Sequioa Hotel, Quezon City, participated by APPEND Board members, Executive Directors and client services department heads.


Conducts ALERT (Action and Leadership on Environment protection and Risk reduction Training) Program to microfinance NGOs and micro-entrepreneurs hit by Typhoon Haiyan

Opens Global Leadership Summit in Baguio

Holds the first 2015 Transformational Leadership Training in partnership with TL USA

Leads the Microfinance NGOs Forum: Strengthening Community Partnerships for Sustainable Growth in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in December, with funding from Etimos Foundation, Italy and Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc (FSSI).

Leads in drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Act 10693

Develops the APPEND Coffee Table Book with 25 years of exciting stories of God’s grace and faithfulness to APPEND, Inc.

Establishes APPEND Micro-Enterprise Development Inc.

Establishes the Young Entrepreneurs in Solidarity Economy Marketing Cooperatives (YESE MC) that will market the products of microfinance clients and part of the income from YESE MC to fund the APPEND-KILOS scholarship program


Holds First Global Leadership Summit in Bacolod and Baguio

Conducts Opportunity to All: Financial Education and Literacy Program for staff and clients of microfinance NGOs, public schools, banks, churches, youth groups and cooperatives

Provides relief goods and rehabilitation funds to Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Visayas with Willowcreek. APPEND works with its partner microfinance NGOs TSKI, KRCI, CEVI and KMBI that have microfinance operations in Typhoon Haiyan areas

Partners with Etimos Foundation, Italy to rebuild communities through LIFE (Livelihood Interventions through Financing and Entrepreneurship) in Western Visayas serving at least 10,000 clients


Wins one seat in the House of Representatives with Rep. Pablo R. Nava III as APPEND Party-list congressman.

APPEND holds its first ever Global Youth Congress on Social Solidarity Economy in partnership with the Asian Solidarity Economy Council attended by APPEND scholars and youth from Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

Develops and publishes the third book of APPEND Inc. “Pamilyang Ok, Pwersa ng Bansa or a Happy Home, a Stronger Nation”. The four versions of Pamilyang OK, a students’ and teachers’ book in English and Filipino were given a certificate of Copyright Registration and Deposit from the National Library of the Philippines, Manila on March 28, 2014.

APPEND launches “Five for life” campaign to provide relief assistance to 100,000 micro-entrepreneurs and their family members who suffered from Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013 with wind strength of 325 kph.

APPEND mobilizes resources for Typhoon Haiyan survivors from local and international friends and partners.

Visits Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Iloilo, Cebu, Leyte & Aklan with Etimos Foundation, Italy


Conducts ‘‘An Opportunity for All: Financial Education in the Philippines’ training.

Holds the “Adopt-a-Family Program: “Tulong ko sa Kinabukasan mo” Raffle promo

Establishes the Pinoy Ako Insurance Services Incorporated, a stock corporation owned by APPEND and its member microfinance NGOs. PAIS is a social enterprise with 50% of its income to go to scholarship program of APPEND

Reactivates the wholesale lending function of APPEND.

The APPEND Board agrees to enter in national electoral process through APPEND party-list representing the micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines.


Publishes Book 2: Pasok na sa Kaharian (Welcome to the Kingdom)

Changes the official corporate name to APPEND Inc. (formerly Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development, Incorporated).

Develops the APPEND Financial Education and Literacy Training modules with funding from Australian Agency for International Development and Opportunity International Australia


First graduates of KILOS Program.

Holds the first APPEND Young Leaders’ Congress with the theme ‘Dream, Lead and Inspire.’

Holds the Global Leadership Summit attended by 4,370 church, government and marketplace leaders, the biggest crowd since 2007.

Organizes Darlen Zschech Concert, Araneta Coliseum with more than 15,000 attendees


Publishes and distributes 200,000 APPEND Life Series Book 1: Gawaing-Bahay to micro-entrepreneurs.

Conducts “Household Chores” training for all APPEND partners.

Conducts “Joy At Work Training” in partnership with Bakke Graduate University, Seattle Washington


Appoints Virginia P. Juan as the fifth President and CEO of APPEND, Inc.

The board of OMB requests TSKI to merge OMB with Kauswagan Bank. Towards the end of 2008, OMB merges with Kauswagan Bank and becomes Opportunity Kauswagan Bank (OK Bank).

Launches and publishes the LIFE Series Book and Training Program on strengthening personal relationships of individuals with the Lord Jesus Christ, relationships with their families, communities and communities. With funding from various Christian groups in the US through Opportunity International USA, APPEND develops Book 1: Gawaing-Bahay or Household Chores with Ms. Esperanza Cartera as the main author.

Receives a one-year grant for Client Retention and Development Project worth USD 54, 561 that studies the impact of microfinance to clients’ families and their communities

Launches the official APPEND website.

Conducts the Microfinance Training in partnership with ASKI.

Runs the Transformation Training attended by 25 delegates from APPEND Network in partnership with Opportunity International

Conducts two Board Governance Training and consultations in partnership with Wholistic Transformation Research Center (WTRC).


Holds the first Global Leadership Summit in the Philippines in partnership with the Willowcreek Association and Willowcreek Community Christian Church, USA with Christ’s Commission Fellowship as the first host church


OMB continues to serve as a network bank.

Implements the APPEND KILOS scholarship program, a scholarship program for the deserving sons and daughters of microfinance clients. Funded by Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation through Opportunity International US. The first batch of APPEND-KILOS scholars are selected and sent to schools of their choice.


Appoints the fourth President/CEO of APPEND Inc. Prof. Constancia Rosacia.

Establishes 42 new branches and field offices, bringing the microfinance operation centers to a total of 210 branches and field offices in 59 out of 79 provinces in the country. Hits one million clients.

Implements the Sustainable Partnership for Energizing Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) Project with the Development Bank of the Philippines. Manages PhP125 million pesos from DBP for on-lending to five microfinance NGOs

Receives PhP2 million loan fund from SGV Group founder Washington SyCip, which was re-lent to Alalay sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (ASKI) to assist more than 1,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Isabela.

Partnership with Fr. Manuel Ramirez and the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong (LSM) results in the project ‘Establishing Communities of Entrepreneurs through Microfinance and Microenterprise Development’ in Luzon, Philippines.

Launches the Community-Based Entrepreneurship Program (CBEDP) and produces community enterprise projects run by women micro-entrepreneurs of TSKI in Malay, Aklan and Iloilo City.

Conducts a five-day International Field Exposure on Microfinance for government and market place leaders of Vietnam and Laos in October.

Prof Rosacia, President and Virginia P. Juan, VP for Resource Development of APPEND together with Gordon and Bruce Smith conceptualize the APPEND-KILOS Scholarship Program.


APPEND Inc. and Opportunity International Network develop the Common Impact Monitoring System.

Adopts the Build Operate and Transfer Scheme, in which organizations with excess financial and human resource capacity will put up new operating branches in smaller partners’ areas of expansion.

Establishes funding relationship with the Lourdes School in Mandaluyong City, Manila. The Lourdes School of Mandaluyong lent APPEND money to lend to five organizations in rebuilding micro-enterprises destroyed by typhoons

Opportunity International introduces Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation to APPEND as the new stockholder of OMB, upon the recommendation of Virginia P. Juan and Mrs. Yolanda De La Cruz who were tasked by the APPEND Board to do a due diligence on Gordon and Helen Smith Foundation.


Serves 251,000 micro-entrepreneurs with microfinance and training, surpassing target outreach of 250,000. Enhances the Scale- Up Branch Methodology

Works with Tear Fund New Zealand in implementing the Voluntary Agencies Support Scheme (VASS) Project on Community Based Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Conducts the VELLA Principles Training


Implements the National Transformation Plan: LEND (Loans for Enterprise Development), TEND (Training, Technology and Transformation for Enterprise Development) and MEND (Microinsurance for Enterprise Development)

Links arms with Agencia Espanola Cooperacion Internacional (AECI) and Fundacion CODESPA and implements the program “Expansion y Mejoramiento de los Programas de Microcredito de APPEND, Filipinas, Fase I” or Expansion and Improvement of microcredit program of APPEND, Philippines, Phase 1. The project is a loan and capacity building program being managed by APPEND Inc. CODESPA through APPEND provides microfinance training and at the same wholesale loans to participating microfinance NGOs.

More than 30 employees of Taytay sa Kauswagan, Inc. (TSKI) enrolled in the off-campus Masters in Business Administration course offered by Philippine Christian University through the APPEND Microfinance SUCCESS Institute.


With funding from Opportunity International, APPEND Inc. facilitates the setting up of OMB.

APPEND, Opportunity International and five microfinance NGOs—TSKI, ASKI, KMBI, DSPI and RSPI ink an agreement to establish Opportunity Microfinance Bank. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas grants OMB the License to Operate as the first microfinance-oriented thrift bank in the Philippines


Virginia P. Juan was recalled to manage the existing projects of APPEND.

The Chief of Party office was closed down and employees of the COP were merged with APPEND Inc. as a result of the meeting of the APPEND Board and representatives from Opportunity International Australia and USA. APPEND Inc manages the Scale-up Program for microfinance in the Philippines.

Noel M. Alcalde, the former Chief of Party became the third President and CEO of APPEND.

APPEND Inc. organizes the training on “Managing the Philippine Microfinance Program: Developing Best Practices for Growth” in partnership with Opportunity International-Australia

APPEND Inc. facilitates the establishment of Opportunity Microfinance Bank as the first microfinance-oriented thrift bank in the Philippines.

APPEND is recognized as member of SEEP’s Networks Design Service Program Partner.


Launches the APPEND Scale-Up Program to serve 250,000 micro-entrepreneurs from 30,000 clients. Funded by Opportunity International-USA.

OI-Australia establishes the Chief of Party Office (COP) in the Philippines. All staff of APPEND resigned.


Implements the “Modest Credit Facilities for Women” funded by the European Union in Brussels in partnership with Taytay sa Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI), Visayas and Hagdan sa Pag-uswag Foundation Inc. (HSPFI), Mindanao. Serves 10,000 women micro- entrepreneurs in Visayas and Mindanao


Conducts Field Exposure Programs for Presidents and Chief Executive Officers of various microfinance NGOs and banks from Europe, USA, Asia in partnership with Opportunity International US, OI-Australia and OI-UK.

Continues to mobilize resources from international organizations for APPEND partners such as Grouppe Development, European Commission, Australian Agency for International Development, Stiftung and others.


APPEND takes on the Project Management function of Micro-enterprise Development Program funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through Opportunity International Australia and Maranatha Trust Foundation. Serves more than 20,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Luzon areas.

Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez, Mrs. Irma Cosico, Virginia Paghubasan (now Virginia Paghubasan-Juan) and Cecille Mabazza are the APPEND management staff. The APPEND office is at Mapang-akit St. Quezon City in a town house owned by the Capule’s, one of the former trustees of ASKI.


Appoints Mr. Eduardo C. Jimenez as its second Executive Director.

Conducts field exposure and training program for the CEOs from Europe, America, Africa and Asia about various microfinance models being implemented in the Philippines. Jenna Eduarte and Irma Cosico, are the APPEND staff.


Assigns Ms. Leah Genita as APPEND’s first Executive Director.

APPEND acts as Secretariat of the network of microfinance NGOs, mobilizes resources, conducts microfinance & micro-enterprise development training and leadership camp for all its member microfinance non-government organizations. APPEND office Strata 2000.


The Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development Inc. or APPEND Inc. is registered as non-stock and non-profit, non-government organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 13, 1991. APPEND is the first group and alliance of microfinance NGOs in the Philippines


The Executive Directors and Board members of microfinance NGOs – Rolly Victoria (ASKI), Noel M. Alcaide (KMBI), Angel L. De Leon (TSKI), RSPI, CCT, TPKI and HSPFI discuss the implications of withdrawal of TSPI’s financial support from their organizations. They agree to establish a mother organization that will mobilize resources to finance the microfinance operations of its member microfinance NGOs, and at the same conduct common training, leadership camps and retreats to strengthen the relationship of the member organizations.

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